Recognition of Exemption (Granted June 2014)

Under Section 501 (c) (3) Of the Internal Revenue Code

Applicant: Jeff Mason EIN: 46-1673919

Part IV Narrative Description of Your Activities


Fish’n Trips For Heroes Fund Mission Statement

Fish’n Trips For Heroes mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable fishing experience for an individual classified as a Wounded Warrior while they are rehabilitating from injuries sustained during military service to the United States.



The State of Washington has a multitude of recreation resources that provide a wide variety of fishing experience opportunities. At the same time there are four military bases located in the State of Washington. Joint Base Lewis McCord (JBLM) has a specific unit that administers support and rehabilitation care to Wounded Warriors. In addition to the JBLM facility there is also a Veterans Administration Hospital located on a large lake near JBLM that has a variety of fishing opportunities.

Fish’n Trips For Heroes will provide fishing experiences for Pacific Salmon, Winter and Summer Run Steelhead, Trout, and warm water species such as Bass, Crappie, and Perch. The specific activity will be determined by the Wounded Warriors personal desire, time of year, and weather conditions. All fishing gear, bait, tackle, fuel to operate the fishing boat for a specific day will be provided by Fish’n Trips For Heroes. If a Wounded Warrior is in need of a fishing license a one day fishing license will be provided at no cost to the Wounded Warrior.

Who Will Conduct the Activities?

The host for the fishing trips will be Jeff Mason, President of Fish’n Trips For Heroes. He started fishing for all of the above listed species at the age of 5. He has fished the local streams, rivers, and lakes for over 50 years. Mr. Mason recently retired from a 34 year career with 7-Eleven, Inc.

Since the fishing trips will be funded by donations from the general public State of Washington law stipulates that anyone providing this service must be a licensed fishing guide. Accordingly Mr. Mason obtained the appropriate training and passed the United States Coast Guard exams for his captain’s license. He will possess all federal and state license’s required to operate a licensed fishing guide service. Additionally he will have the appropriate insurance coverage for operating a guide service.

When Will The Activities Be Conducted?

Fishing is a year around activity in the State of Washington. Winter Run Steelhead fishing will take place from December through April. Trout fishing will occur from May through September. Salmon fishing will take place late August until early December. Pursuing the warm water species will occur from mid- May through August. The only limiting factor would be weather conditions that could impact the safety and enjoyment of the experience.

Where Will Activities Occur

All of the fishing trips will occur in southwest Washington State.

How Does the Activity Further Your Exempt Purposes?

The purpose of Fish’n Trips For Heroes is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience in the outdoors, specifically, fishing. This will provide an additional resource to our Wounded Warriors as they recover from the injuries sustained in service to our country. The enjoyment of the Wounded Warrior will be maximized by the fact that he/she will be able to relax in one of two different fishing boats (determined by the type of fishing they choose). All obstacles and requirements to participate will be removed for their benefit.

There was significant investment of time discussing the needs of Wounded Warriors. The input was overwhelming regarding outdoor activities that Wounded Warriors could enjoy as part of their recovery. In examining resources currently available for this type of activity it was apparent that it was limited at best. Most often if a full time fishing guide had a cancellation or did not have clients booked they may offer an experience if time and logistics allowed. Since their business success and livelihood is dependent on paying clients Wounded Warriors are at best a last consideration.

Fish’n Trips For Heroes is structured in such a manner that profit is not the incentive or nessicity. Rather, providing an experience that is dedicated to the individual Wounded Warrior is the goal. Since the financial aspect of the experience is not profit driven the only financial consideration is the actual cost of the experience (license for the participant, bait cost, fuel cost).

The licensed guide in this case will not be taking a salary or payment of any kind for his services. He is donating his time, knowledge, equipment, and boats.


What Percentage of Time Will Be Allocated To This Activity.

Fish’n Trips For Heroes is not a full time entity. Based on the actual cost to provide trips and potential fund raising sources it is the goal of the organization to provide 50 fishing experiences per calendar year for 50 Wounded Warriors. Fund raising efforts with local civic organizations, corporate donations, and other requests is estimated to be one day per week outside of fishing activities.


How Is Activity Funded?

There will be Four (4) sources of funding avenues that will be pursued:

1) Personal solicitations: This will focus on opportunities that arise based on day to day life encounters and references from other resources.

2) Accept donations on website: This is in development at the time of application. A professional web designer is developing the site.

3) Requests to other organizations websites. This will be written requests submitted to a variety of organizations per the website offerings and requirements. The most common type of request will be with civic organizations (Rotary Club, Elks Club, etc.) and Corporate Donations.

4) E Mail Solicitations: This will be limited to individuals or organizations that have supported Fish’n Trips For Heroes in some manner previously. It will not be mass distributed e mails.

Web Site Development

The domain Fish’n Trips For Heroes has been obtained. A professional web designer is working on the site at the time of application. No funds provided to Fish’n Trips For Heroes will be used for this expense.